We specialise in advising clients with a commercial litigation or insolvency challenge.

We represent clients in court, arbitration and mediation forums. We help businesses move forward by protecting their rights and solving their complex legal problems.

Sewell & Kettle Lawyers

Court Representation

Sometimes litigation is required to resolve commercial claims and disputes. We understand the needs of businesses, entrepreneurs and families facing commercial litigation because we specialise in this sensitive area. We represent our clients in all Australian courts as well as arbitration and mediation forums. We act in complex litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants.

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Protecting and recovering assets

We are experts in personal property securities law. We participated in the first Australian case involving section 20 of the Personal Property Securities Act. We help our clients understand their rights and enforce securities. We advise financiers about taking security and regularly help financiers document security transactions involving personal property.

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Understanding insolvency law

Our principal, Ben Sewell, is an insolvency thought leader. We help entrepreneurs and businesses protect their rights and preserve business value when faced with an insolvency or bankruptcy challenge. We provide personalised solutions for complex legal and commercial challenges. We deliver restructuring plans for insolvent businesses.

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Do you…

  • Do you have a claim for money or are your rights as an investor, director, landlord or shareholder under threat?
  • Have you been sued for a debt, contract claim, directorship claim, voidable transaction, or some other commercial claim?
  • Do you need advice regarding taking or enforcing security in a deal?
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The difference with Sewell & Kettle Lawyers is that the firm is committed and focused

  • We firmly believe that the role of lawyers is to protect their client’s rights
  • We are lawyers with a business mind-set
  • Over the last decade we have developed expertise in insolvency law, commercial litigation and securitisation
  • We are accessible to SMEs and entrepreneurs, who we’d prefer to work for, rather than large corporates and banks
  • Our firm punches above our weight in litigation
  • We provide predictable fee for service arrangements