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We help businesses move forward by protecting their rights and solving their complex legal problems.

We specialise in advising clients with a commercial litigation or insolvency challenge. We represent clients in court, arbitration and mediation forums.

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We explore all avenues (both formal and informal) to protect and recover value.

We provide consulting services to clients faced with an insolvency challenge. We deliver pre-pack insolvency arrangements and act as restructuring advisers for our clients.

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We are a multi-disciplinary professional firm that specialises in both insolvency law and corporate reconstruction accounting

We help clients to forecast future cash flow, deal with compliance issues related to statutory lodgements and evaluate their current financial position.

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Sewell & Kettle specialise in a challenging area of business and law. We guarantee our service and expertise to all clients.

The firm has a business mindset and are trusted advisers for accountants, business owners and directors, entrepreneurs, in-house lawyers and transactional lawyers.

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We asked Ben to help us with a very difficult situation we found ourselves in 5 years ago. We had been defrauded by our ex-son-in-law to whom we had previously entrusted the management of a private pension and our savings. It was a painful experience, financially and emotionally.

Ben took on our case, gave good advice and worked professionally, meticulously and sympathetically on our behalf. Unfortunately, we were not able to recover the funds that had been stolen but we know that Ben and his team did their best, under very difficult circumstances, and their diligent approach resulted in the Supreme Court finding in our favour. We were impressed by Ben’s astute handling of the proceedings and have no hesitation in recommending Sewell & Kettle.

X and Y Investors

We employed the services of Sewell & Kettle to extricate ourselves from a web of private companies, shareholders, leases and properties. Ben Sewell was incredibly thorough, professional and his attention to detail was impressive. The firm has a deep understanding of what is required under the Corporations Act and they are comfortable to instigate and attend all matters before the Court. We would have no hesitation to use the firm again.

Andrew Childcare business owner

I had been in contact with a number of firms prior to contacting Ben at Sewell & Kettle. Besides receiving conflicting information, all of the firms were more interested in the payment than listening to my concerns. Ben took the time to listen to what the issues were and discussed my options with me. Ben was very knowledgeable and thorough and went through the process step by step until I had a complete understanding of what was available to me. All staff at Sewell & Kettle involved with my file are highly professional and easy to contact. All in all, I feel that I am getting the best advice in the market based on the many firms I spoke to.

Martin Hospitality and entertainment

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Fast track sale in a voluntary administration

What is a fast track sale in a voluntary administration?

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Fast track sales involve the voluntary administrator selling the assets of a business during a voluntary administration, instead of recommending a debt compromise or ‘Deed of Company Arrangement’. While a fast track sale in a voluntary administration is legal, it is relatively uncommon in Australia. Here we explain how fast track sales work, and consider whether they are a desirable feature of Australian insolvency law. If it occurs, company directors may feel betrayed by a voluntary administrator if they are expecting a debt restructure through a ‘Deed of Company Arrangement’.

How much should a VA for SME cost?

How much do industry insiders expect a voluntary administration for an SME will cost?

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Recent research gives a figure for voluntary administration of $30-50,000 per appointment for small sized companies. With a Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA), this price can easily double. The high cost partially reflects the obligations and liabilities of voluntary administrators, but also, perhaps, a tendency of voluntary administrators to ‘pad’ their hours. By racking up more hours with larger companies, it is possible that voluntary administrators are ‘cross-subsidising’ assetless administrations.

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