Local Court of NSW

The Local Court of NSW is a court presided over by a Magistrate, with criminal and civil jurisdiction. It is the lowest court in the NSW and Australian judicial hierarchy. In civil disputes, the Local Court of NSW has jurisdiction to hear claims up to $100,000. The Local Court is split into two divisions: the Small Claims Division where claims up to $10,000 are heard, and the General Division where claims between $10,000 and $100,000 are heard.

Matters appealed from the Local Court of NSW are heard in the District Court of NSW.

The Local Court may preside over matters including summary offences, family law cases, licensing disputes, committal hearings for summary and indictable offences, Apprehended Violence Order applications, property settlements, and residence orders.

A magistrate can imprison offenders for no more than two years per sentence, and no more than five years total maximum.

The Local Court also contains the Children’s Court and the Coroner’s Court.