Notice of lease termination

A notice to terminate a lease agreement is a written document used by either the landlord, the property manager or the tenant to formally end a lease agreement. This notice can be issued in a number of circumstances, including when a party does not wish to continue the lease after the end of the fixed term, or when the tenant has breached the terms of the tenancy agreement and the landlord wants to evict the tenant.

The requirements for a notice of lease termination vary depending on the type of lease (residential, commercial or retail), the type of agreement (fixed-term or periodic), the reasons for termination and the state or territory in Australia, as each has its own tenancy laws. The notice must comply with the relevant legislation in the state or territory where the property is located.

Ignoring this notice can result in serious legal consequences, including liability for compensation of any losses or damages a party has suffered as a result of the other party’s failure to comply with the notice, and a possession order giving the landlord the right to take back the property and evict the tenant.