Video explanation of turnaround boards

Video “Turnaround Board”

The ‘turnaround board’ is a concept that is aimed at empowering SME business owners to continue to grow.
Firm Principal Ben Sewell takes you through an explanation of turnaround boards

Video explanation of zombie companies

Video “Zombie Companies”

A Zombie Company is a business that barely scrapes by and is always short of cash. In accounting terms it covers most of its running costs but is never able to develop a profit margin.
Ben Sewell takes you through an explanation of zombie companies.

Insolvent trading explanation video

Video “Insolvent Trading”

Watch Sewell & Kettle Lawyers Principal, Ben Sewell, break down the prohibition on insolvent trading in his own words in this brief explanatory video.

Sewell & Kettle video about the Illegal phoenix activity

Video “Phoenix Activity”

Watch our Principal, Ben Sewell, explain how phoenix activity works and its place in the insolvency industry in this brief introductory video.

Voluntary administration video

Video “Voluntary Administration”

Voluntary administration is a process where a registered insolvency professional temporarily takes control of a business which is insolvent, or in financial difficulty.

Safe Harbour explanation video

Video “Safe Harbour from Insolvent Trading”

In this brief video, Principal Ben Sewell outlines what the safe harbour is, how it fits into the legislative framework and how to obtain the safe harbour protections. Please note this video was filmed in July 2020, before the COVID-19 temporary safe harbour’s operation was extended to 31 December 2020.

Trading trusts video explanation

Video “Trading Trusts”

Watch Ben Sewell, Principal of Sewell & Kettle Lawyers, break down trading trusts and their function for SMEs in this brief explanatory video.