Tenant’s fixtures

A tenant’s fixture is any physical property that is physically attached or embedded in real property (land) by a tenant for trade, domestic, or ornamental purposes, during their tenancy, which may not be removed by the lessor. A tenant’s fixture will remain the property of the tenant until the instance where their ownership is forfeited.

A tenant’s fixture, as distinct from a regular fixture, remains the property of the tenant, despite being fixed to the land. A fixture can be contrasted with a chattel, which is the legal term for all physical property that is not affixed to land (i.e. can be transported).

The majority of leases will allow the tenant the right to remove fixtures they have added while a tenant. That removal may occur during or immediately after the termination of the lease. For example, if a tenant has installed air conditioning units with the lessor’s permission, those units remain the tenant’s property to take so long as they patch any damage created by their removal.