Video “Engagement Process”

We have a set engagement process to ensure that we understand exactly what your matter requires before we agree to act for you.

Video - engagement process

If you are looking to engage Sewell & Kettle Lawyers to act on your behalf, we have a set engagement process to ensure we understand exactly what your matter requires before we agree to act for you and make a proposal.

Video "Engagement Process"

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Engagement Process

You Find Us Or Are Referred To Our Firm

Most of our clients are referred to us by a commercial lawyer or an accountant. This is our preference because it means that the client can be qualified and that there is an independent adviser who has ascertained that we are the right fit for them. 

We welcome phone calls and emails and we set up an initial consultation time to discuss the client’s issues and explore whether our firm is the right fit for the client and what they’re looking to do. 

Initial Discussion

After being introduced to a client, we like to have an initial consultation. It is an obligation-free discussion. We talk about the client’s situation and needs and what they’re looking to do. This is an important step for both myself and our firm to evaluate the client’s needs and also for the client to evaluate us and make sure that they’re comfortable working with us. 

Documentation Review

Once we’ve been introduced and have had an initial discussion, the next step that’s essential for our firm is to do a documentation review. This involves reading documents and thinking about objectives and processes that could be put in place to work with our client. This is an essential step in due diligence to make sure that we are the right consultant to help our client. 

Our Proposal

The next stage is that we put a fee proposal to our clients. At that stage, the client can make the final decision about whether they want to engage our firm. Our preferred pricing is fixed pricing. But if we’re unable to scope the requirements that the client has and the complexity of the job, then we offer fee-for-service pricing. 


Once that proposal is signed off on, we are engaged by the client and we’re ready to start work. Our clients are protected by the guarantees that we provide regarding the quality of the service and the objectives that we’ve agreed upon.


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Video “About Us”

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Watch this video to learn more about Sewell & Kettle Lawyers.

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Video “Our Guarantees”

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My firm offers eight guarantees and stands by these guarantees to assure our new clients that we know what we’re doing and that we will give them the best possible service.