Video “Sewell & Kettle Lawyers – Vision and Purpose”

Vision and purpose – explained. Firm Principal Ben Sewell takes you through an explanation of our vision and purpose

Video - Vision & Purpose

Our Vision: To minimise the occurrence of business insolvency in Australia.

Our Purpose: We help families and entrepreneurs live their best life without the stress of insolvency by advocating on their behalf and sharing with them our industry-best knowledge of insolvency law and restructuring methodologies. We specialise in helping clients solve business insolvency challenges through restructuring, reorganisation, litigation and negotiation. Our clients range from families and entrepreneurs to other lawyers and insolvency practitioners. We share our industry-best knowledge of commercial litigation, restructuring methodologies and insolvency law with our clients so they can avoid future risks.

Video "Sewell & Kettle Lawyers - Vision and Purpose"

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Vision and Purpose

Our Vision

Our vision is to minimise the occurrence of business insolvency in Australia. 

We’re the only law firm in Australia that has this purpose. That’s our sole purpose. Our job is not to lecture people or to collect any claims off of directors. We are 100% focused on helping small to medium sized enterprises avoid being wound up and sold at a fire sale auction. 

Our purpose is to develop industry-best knowledge in the area and pass that on to our clients. This is a bespoke process, meaning you’ve got to learn it from scratch and understand the problems that financially distressed small and medium sized enterprises actually face. 

Our Purpose

How do we deliver this purpose to our clients? We help real people. We help people that own their own small and medium sized enterprises. We help them to solve the insolvency challenges that they have. We become their advocates, we act in court proceedings and negotiations for them. The clients we have are real people – the owners, the families, the entrepreneurs that own the businesses that we act for. We act for them. 

We’re not in the liquidation industry. Our job is not to clean them out. Our job is to help them. We use whatever methodologies we are able to develop and whatever we see that works and we give that to our clients.


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