Shareholders agreements

Shareholders agreements — standard terms and why they are useful

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

A dispute between shareholders can derail the small and medium-sized businesses that make up the bulk of the Australian economy. Here we explain how a shareholders agreement can help reduce the risk of serious dispute. 

Local tax obligations for Australian startups

Worldwide taxation – a challenge for Australian startups

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Australia applies ‘worldwide taxation’ when calculating corporate and personal income tax. This means Australian startups can owe tax in Australia for all their international activities, even where the founder has moved overseas. Here we explain the key tax rules for Australian startups.

Aussie entrepreneur castaway - Cayman Islands

The Australian entrepreneur’s guide to starting a crypto or fintech business in the Cayman Islands

Estimated reading time: 25 minutes

If you serve an international customer market, the question naturally arises; where is the best place to base your crypto or fintech business? Our focus here is on exploring offshore solutions for Australian fintech and crypto startups — looking specifically at the possibility of setting up in the Cayman Islands (Cayman) as a jurisdiction of incorporation.

Trading trusts - complete guide

The Complete Guide to Trading Trusts for small and medium-sized business

Estimated reading time: 33 minutes

A trading trust is a trust over goodwill and business assets with the trustee being the legal person responsible to creditors. A trading trust is usually a discretionary trust whose trustee is a company, that is used to trade for the benefit of the beneficiaries. As with a non-trading trust, a trading trust separates legal ownership of assets from beneficial ownership and control. The controllers of the business are the owners and their family who exercise a controlling mind through their appointment as directors of the trustee company.

Offshore tax havens image

Offshore Tax Havens: A Guide for Australian Investors

Estimated reading time: 29 minutes

Offshore tax havens are the jurisdictions of choice for building corporate structures to protect assets from creditors and hide the identity of ultimate beneficiaries. This article should be of interest to any professional advisor interested in understanding the nuts and bolts of setting up an offshore corporate structure.

Has your equipment become a fixture - man removing a machine

Has your equipment become a fixture? PPSR hot topic

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

A dispute over a linear accelerator sounds like a James Bond movie but such dispute went to Court recently. A landlord, an equipment supplier, an administrator and bank all claimed an interest in the $9 million medical equipment and the eventual winner was the equipment supplier who sold the linear accelerator on credit. Fixtures are […]

PMSI - Purchase Money Security Interest – new security for PPSA

What is a PMSI – new security for PPSA

Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

The Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) has implemented a single national register that applies to all personal property security interests. The PPSA has also provided us with a set of priority rules to determine disputes between competing security interests. Of particular note is the Purchase Money Security Interest (or PMSI). A PMSI is a security […]

Customer credit application review

Are Your Credit Applications Good Enough?

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

With inflation and interest rates on the rise some of your customers may be looking for ways to manage a liquidity squeeze. Unfortunately, those customers may see their trade suppliers as an “alternative financier” and may either extend your trading terms or indefinitely delay payment to ease […]